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Transmission lines

Our main handling items areas follows :

1.     Glass insulators, Ceramic lnsulators Composite insulators, Suspension & Jointing Fittings, Signal System and Lightning Portection Equipment... for Transmission Line & Distribution Lines 6 kV up to 500 kV

2.     Power & Control Cables, Termination Kits, Joints & Accessories for Low and Medium Voltage Underground Cable Lines up to 35 kV

3.     Complete Equipment for Substations up to 500 kV such  as Switchboards, Metering Panele, Circuit Breakrs, Disconnectors, TU, TI, Reclosers, Load Break Switches ...

4.     Test & Measurement Equipment such as Circuit Breaker Analysers , lnsulation Testers , Tranformer Test Equipment, Relay Testers, Arrester Testers, Cable Fault Locators, DC Hipot/Megohmeter Combination Units and Power meters Testimg Equipment ...

5.     Fiber Optical Overhead Ground Wire (OPGW) is a overhead optical groundwire that provides high capacity communication channels to service present and future needs.

6.     Materials, Accessories and Tools.

I. Glass Insulator

U120 U70
U160-210 U300

Polyme Insulator

II. Fittings and Accessories for Transmission lines

1. Link fittings

2. Suspension clamp

3.Strain clamp

4. Splicing fitting

5. Protective fitting

Warning Sphere

Aicraft warning light

6. Guywire fitting





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